Household Waste and Recycling

Household Waste and Recycling

Our software and services are used by around 200 local authorities and private contractors to support their domestic waste collection services. We help them reduce their cost and risk at the same time as improving performance and customer experience.

Doing more with less

The priority for most is doing more with less. While a growing number of properties across the country is putting pressure on waste and recycling services, the financial position of local authorities means they need to reduce the cost of delivering their services. We are providing managers with an effective way to redesign services and rounds without risking an impact on the quality of service.

Reducing paperwork and administration

Making savings also means many of our customers are now running with fewer staff. Our In-Cab and Digital Depot solutions are helping them deal with this by working more efficiently. By removing the need for beat sheets, vehicle checks and issue reports, we are reducing the time depot teams spend typing-up paper forms, while automating key operational tasks also saves time.

Putting services online

We are also helping our customers to build better online services. Rather than simply focusing on the website form, we support the end-to-end process from first customer contact through to the delivery of services on the streets. With residents able to find information and request services online, councils can reduce the calls they receive and improve the overall experience for citizens.

Generating more income

In addition to their commercial collections, our customers are also looking to generate more income from chargeable household services, such as garden waste and bulky collections. From subscribing residents online, to automating tasks, and optimising daily rounds, we can help local authorities to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Making better use of information

The data within our systems provides a valuable source of performance information. Whether it’s helping the depot team find information faster, an officer identifying persistent issues and targeting localised communication campaigns, or a manager using actual performance data to inform service redesign, by analysing this information we are able to help our customers take a more evidence-based approach to performance management and strategy.

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