Reduce service issues and increase customer
satisfaction with In-Cab technology





Cut paperwork, drive performance

In-Cab replaces paper forms with touch-screen tablets, giving drivers the information they need to work safely and efficiently and at the same time providing the contact centre and the depot with real-time issues and performance information.




Key benefits


Remove paper forms

Our In-Cab system replaces paper beat sheets and forms with electronic checks and automated updates, so your team spend less time chasing paper and make fewer of the errors that come when typing-up notes.


Reduce complaints

By providing drivers and crews with accurate and up-to-date service information about the collections on their round, In-Cab reduces the number of bins that get missed and the subsequent complaints from residents.



Support the contact centre

In-Cab makes it quick and easy for drivers to report issues such as bins not presented, and then share this information in real-time with the contact centre and the depot. With this information to hand, colleagues are better informed when citizens call to report service issues.


Analyse performance

Our performance dashboard allows you to quickly see how the day is unfolding and react more quickly to support crews who are struggling. Reporting and analytics studies data over time allowing you to reallocate resources and optimise performance.




Key features


For Drivers and Crews

  • Use any vehicle on any round.
  • Send live reports of issues to the office and contact centre, such as non-presentation, access problems or contamination.
  • View notifications for assisted collections as you approach each property and get notification of hazards, such as weak bridges or nearby schools.
  • Record and check confirmations for assisted collections and ‘hot-list’ properties to reduce the frequency of complaints.
  • Send confirmation to the office on the completion of each street, so that colleagues can monitor the progress of rounds.
  • Record issues against actual properties rather than inferred GPS positions, providing a comprehensive history when talking to residents.
  • Use satellite navigation and task lists to help new or temporary drivers get through their round efficiently.
  • Perform daily vehicle checks, collect tip ticket information and record fuel usage on the device, removing the need for paper in the cab.
  • Send two-way messaging between office and vehicle, with ‘over the air’ updates of new round lists.





Customer Success Stories

The best way to understand the value our solutions create is to talk to some of the 100 local authorities that use our systems.



“We’re getting less than half the volume of the calls we used to coming through to the waste team now."

Waste and Recycling Supervisor
Richmondshire District Council

“Our new process makes it quicker to provide residents with accurate information during service changes, which has helped us to significantly reduce calls to our contact centre.”

Waste Services Manager
Falkirk Council




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