Highway Winter Maintenance

Planning gritting routes properly is a vital task for local authorities. With public safety at stake it is critical that every section on the winter maintenance plan is actually being treated, but doing so efficiently is also important given the cost of running the service.

We have helped a number local authorities, including unitaries, counties and contractors, to redesign their gritting routes in order to maximise treatment time and reduce travel time. By ensuring they are getting the most from their available resources, we have given them the opportunity to do more with less.

Our customers have also improved performance. We have helped our customers implement new route designs for their networks, which give them the certianty that every section in their winter maintenance plan is actually being treated.

The unique nature of the winter maintenance requires a specifically designed optimisation solution. Building on our track record of delivering solutions for other municipal service optimisation, we have designed our winter maintenance optimisation software around the unique nature of the problem.

Where clients don’t have the resource to run an optimisation project themselves we provide round design and optimisation as a consultancy service. Working with your supervisors and managers we build a efficient set of new routes that you can be confident will work effectively in practice.

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