Digital Recycling Communications

Increase recycling, reduce contamination and call volumes




Empower people to be better recyclers

Help people recycle right, whilst building better recycling behaviour, reducing confusion, contamination and lower call volumes





Key Benefits


Lower call volumes and costs

Inbound calls are costly and inefficient. Online waste collection information saves time and valuable resource by providing people with the answers they want quickly and easily without needing to call. It's simple to update for administrators, as well as for the user, to quickly search for details on real time collection dates, how to properly dispose of materials, or book a bespoke collection of a bulky item.


Reduce Contamination

Interactive and searchable online tools quickly and easily allow citizens to search and get answers for 'what goes where' to develop better recycling habits. Available any time on any device including mobile phones, to ensure people can find the information they need where-ever they may be, when they need it.



Empower citizens with the right recycling knowledge

Local authorities can achieve their unique operational and environmental goals through interactive, online engagement to teach citizens how to become better recyclers and quickly find out what goes in what bin in their area right down to postcode.


Increase Diversion

Teach people how to recycle materials properly and divert materials from landfill by learning 'what goes where'. The online tools provide access to data to learn for the most popular searches and to highlight problem areas, to allow councils to focus proactive communications.





Digital Recycling Communications Tools





If contamination is an ongoing challenge our Waste Wizard digital tool offers an easy way for residents to search for how to dispose of anything, including where to drop it off, if it cannot be recycled or simply binned.

The interactive online tool is available for your website and as a mobile app, making searches fast, accurate and it's really simple to use.

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    Inbound calls are costly and time consuming for your team. Our collection calendar solves this problem by providing up-to-date collection schedules digitally, instead of printed materials or static .pdf files which are soon out of date. It's interactive and allows residents to find out information relating to their specific postcode, from the council's website and as a mobile app.


  • Keep citizens informed and updated
  • Print calendars at home
  • Receive service alerts by email

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    Online Waste Sorting Game

    A fun and interactive way to engage online with citizens to test their recycling knowledge remotely. Learn what they commonly get wrong, then focus communications to improve their knowledge.

    Reward recycling excellence and improve citizen online engagement, as they can share their results and be seen to be green.

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    Customer Success Stories

    The best way to understand the value our solutions create is to talk to some of the 100 local authorities that use our systems.




    “We recognized we had a unique opportunity to change the way we remind people it was collection day using the online ReCollect Collection Calendar.”


    Communications Coordinator
    City of Victoria Council

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    "ReCollect's digital communication tools allow us to do more, with less. They allow us to better engage with our customers and offer the quality of customer support we strive for."


    Recycling General Manager
    Momentum Recycling

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    “Waste Wizard has rapidly become the primary route for residents to find out how to recycle or reuse items they want to dispose of. Over 100k first-time users of the online tool shows how popular and useful this is."

    Service Director for Neighbourhood Services
    Buckinghamshire County Council

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    Routeware Global Acquires ReCollect to Add Digital Engagement Expertise

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    Digital Transformation in Waste Management and Street Cleansing

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    Replace spreadsheets and paper with cloud-based data and automated workflows

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